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Naval Company Inc. manufacturers high quality, accurate, and practical line throwing gun kits that save time, money, and lives. Equipment reliability and excellent service makes Naval Company Inc. the choice for line throwing and line deployment challenges.



Benefits of the Bridger™ Model 85 Line Throwing Gun:

  • Consistent distance
  • Ease of use - anyone who has ever shot a rifle or shotgun can use it
  • Cost effectiveness per shot
  • Repeated line throwing when necessary is easy
  • Long shelf life of blank cartridges
  • Supplies have been reliably available for over 60 years
  • Excellent reputation among those who regularly use our line gun (line launcher)
  • Spectators stand back and get out of the way
  • Repairs are very rare; you can count on the line gun working
  • Customer service is a top priority here at Naval Company Inc.


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