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  • Rescues at sea
  • Shipwrecks
  • Strandings
  • Man Overboard
  • Retrieving lost barges or tows
  • Docking
  • Transfer of sick or equipment
  • Swiftwater rescue
  • Flood rescue
  • Thin ice rescue
  • Saving people where ladders won’t reach
  • Getting equipment to people and firemen in high places
  • Save money and time during construction over ravines, rivers, trees, or other obstacles
  • Shoot through pipes
  • Getting food, water, and medical supplies through small holes to mining cave-in victims
  • Access to climbers stranded on high ledges without their rope
  • Line access when bridge building
  • Safety line for offshore drilling rigs
  • and more
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See the complete Line Gun Kit and Product List:

Bridger™ Supplies

Line Gun Accessories
For shot lines, blank cartridges, cleaning equipment and other supplies, click here.

Bridger™ CG85 Shoulder Line Gun Kit
U.S. Coast Guard approval #160.031/6/3
Dimensions: 34” L X 12” W X 8” H

The Bridger™ Shoulder Line Gun is a custom made line launcher 45/70 caliber gun capable of throwing a line from 300’ to 750’ or more, subject to line weight, projectile used, cartridge load, and wind conditions. The standard Model #CG85 Kit comes with lines and projectiles for distances up to 550’, subject to wind conditions. The line gun is the same in each available kit.

The entire CG85 kit, easily carried, is sold in a sturdy red wooden box with solid brass hardware and weighs 36 lbs. (16.3 Kg).  

Or, you can upgrade to:
(1) CG85PEL kit sold in a Pelican™ case. Although its’ weight is greater at approximately 53 lbs., the wheels & handles make it easily maneuverable.  It is lockable, completely waterproof, and the case comes with a lifetime warranty.  Also USCG approved.
(2) FD85SK kit sold in a SKB® case.  The total weight is lighter at 36 lbs and the overall size is slightly smaller for easy storage at 38" X 13" X 9".  Wheels and substantial handles make this ATA rated thermoformed polyethylene case with TSA latches a smart choice.

The Bridger™ Shoulder Line Gun serves many uses in the marine, construction, and rescue industries. With practice, the gun can be ready for line deployment in seconds.  Should the Bridger™ gun save one human life, it more than repays its moderate first cost.

Because of the long-term reliability, consistent results, ease of use, and modest cost per shot, customers looking for a long-term line gun investment, choose Bridger™.

Wooden Box Carrying Case
line throwing gun kit, line launcher

Pelican™ Carrying Case
line gun kit - pelican case

SKB® Carrying Case
line gun kit - skb case

Each Model #CG85 standard USCG approved kit includes:

1 Bridger™ Shoulder Line Gun
1 Wood Box or Pelican™ carrying case
10 Solid brass projectiles*
4 700’ Nylon shot lines*, 140 lb test each
1 Aero metal line canister
3 Rewinding spindles
25 Blank cartridges – heavy load
1 Can gun oil
1 Bottle cleaning solvent
1 Cleaning rod
1 Cleaning brush
1 Package patches
1 Set Plastic instructions

Additional kit options include:

Model #CG85PEL (UDCG approved kit in a Pelican™ Case). This kit includes the above, plus an additional 25 heavy loads (50 total) in a plastic ammo case with handle.  This kit can hold 6 to 7 shot lines and additional projectiles. 32" x 20" / Weight 49 lbs.

Model #FD85 (Fire Department in a wood case). This kit is the same as the above Model #CG85 Kit except there are 20 heavy load blank cartridges and 20 extra light load blank cartridges for both long and short distance applications.  This kit is NOT USCG approved. 33" x 11.5" / Weight 36 lbs.

Model #FD85SK (Fire Department Kit in an SKB® Case). This kit kit is the same as the CG85 kit, but it comes in an ATA rated SKB® Case with TSA latches and 20 heavy load blank cartridges. There is room in this kit for 20 additional blank cartridges and 2 additional lines - if desired.  38" x 13" x 9" / Weight 36 lbs.

Model #CG85DU (Deluxe Utility Kit in a Pelican® case).  This kit was designed specifically for power and telephone companies for line construction.  It’s also ideal for open pit mines and zip line construction.  This kit has a closed-cell foam interior to keep the line gun and all supplies in perfect order and condition.  The Pelican® case is watertight, crushproof, has 4 strong wheels, easy open double throw latches, fold down handles and a retractable extension handle.  The exterior case comes with a lifetime guarantee.  In addition to the other kit items, this case holds 6-7 shot lines, 50 blanks and additional projectiles.   A secure locking system makes it ideal for field work.  32” x 20” x 12” / Weight 50 lbs.

*Other lines are also available. Those included in the kit are the most often used standard.

Although kits comes complete, accessories are usually in stock and available to be shipped by the next business day.

Request our current KIT PRICE LIST.  We can customize a kit for you if those listed do not meet your specific needs.  Questions about application… give us a call!

See the complete Line Gun Kit and Product List:

Bridger™ Supplies

IMPORTANT: The Bridger™ Shoulder Line Gun / Line Launcher / Rope Launcher is considered a firearm by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF). All sales must meet ATF and state guidelines. We must receive an original signed regulation-compliant purchase order, in the mail from your government agency or municipality, with a population of 10,000 or greater; otherwise we must ship to a Federal Firearms License Dealer in your state from which you can pick up the gun. Most accessories can be shipped direct.

Squeeze the trigger and the line is there! 

Bridger Line Throwing Gun Photo Gallery

For shot lines, blank cartridges, cleaning equipment and other supplies, click here.

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