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Naval Company Inc. manufacturers high quality, accurate, and practical line throwing gun kits that save time, money, and lives. Equipment reliability and excellent service makes Naval Company Inc. the choice for line throwing and line deployment challenges.



Bridger™ Line Throwing Gun Testimonials

“Thank you so much for your kind help and info. You are the best customer service personnel I have ever worked with!”

Joe Belmonte
SEMCO Quality Control Dept.


“I work for a large chimney and stack inspection company where we use industrial rope access techniques to climb and rappel to do maintenance and inspections.  The Bridger™ line throwing gun works flawlessly every time we have used it; in fact it's the most important tool we have.  And, the customer service is flawless as well.”

Verl F. Speer, Project Manager
National Chimney & Stack


"I work as a Captain for an ocean tug company, so they actually own the line guns.  I previously worked for another ocean tug company and they used the same Bridger™ model.   Great kit!  Throws the line really far! "

Capt. Sweeney


"I work for a major electric utility and we have the occasional need to build or rebuild a power line across rivers or rough mountainous terrain. We have had great success using the Bridger line throwing gun for the last 10 years or so. We have used it to get lines across rivers in Puerto Rico and in the Southeast US. We have a lot of hunters (with good shooting skills) that work for us. A few years ago, we had to cross a river and the lineman was able to make a shot that I would not have believed had I not been there. From up in a 75’ high bucket truck he shot approximately 100 yards and threaded the “eye” of a stringing block (a 3 inch target) at the top of the next pole on the other side of the river. The accuracy of this gun is amazing. This saved much time and labor."

George, North Carolina


"I have worked in the Barrick Electrical Department for 14 years now and our Bridger Line Gun was here long before me. I have personally used it numerous times during my tenure and it has worked flawlessly every time. Some of our other mine sites have also used it to route cables and dewatering lines down their open pit walls. It is the easiest solution that I know of, to route cables and lines, over impassable terrain. I will continue to use our Bridger Line Gun in the future and expect the same dependable results, that we have had in the past."

Brian Clark, Electrical Supervisor
Barrick Goldstrike, Elko, NV


"We have the line throwing gun onboard several of our OSRVs (Oil Spill Recovery Vessels).  This is a wonderful piece of emergency gear to have onboard. This line gun for the money is the best deal in town, hands down. Thanks and talk to you soon."

Lou Celmer - Master
OSRV New Jersey Responder


"Ms. Meininger was very helpful.  I talked with her several times before making the purchase.  We used the launcher on 2-15-11 to replace a power line that went down across the McKenzie River.  I fired 3 lines successfully and we restored power.  I will try to send you a news clip of our restoration."

John Lay, Line Crew Leader II
Eugene Water and Electric Board


"It is by far the best device to place a line over the high wall of the pit to deploy power cables, pipeline, and stability devices."

Bill Angell, Senior Mine Engineer
KINROSS, Fort Knox Mine, Fairbanks Alaska


"I understand and appreciate the outstanding 'Best in class' customer service the Naval Company provides."

Dana Lee, Florida


"We have been using one of our Bridger line guns for over 25 years and they are far superior to anything that has come along since."

Mark Cameron, Fire Captain
Airport Fire Station 21
Cal Fire San Luis Obispo Unit


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