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Naval Company Inc. manufacturers high quality, accurate, and practical line throwing gun kits that save time, money, and lives. Equipment reliability and excellent service makes Naval Company Inc. the choice for line throwing and line deployment challenges.



Become a Dealer

It is important to us that our Dealers feel supported and that they can rely on us providing timely and professional service. Due to FFL regulations, it is of value to us to have at least one active Dealer in every state and/or region. We are in the process of upgrading our Dealer program to make it more favorable for our dedicated dealers, while increasing accessibility for customers. If you are interested in becoming a Dealer, please email us to find out if we have an availability in your area.

If you are already a Dealer, please email us your thoughts and ideas on what would make a Dealer program work better for you. We want to help you better support your Bridger customers; please let us know how we can do that by emailing with your suggestions, comments or requests.

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