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Naval Company Inc. manufacturers high quality, accurate, and practical line throwing gun kits that save time, money, and lives. Equipment reliability and excellent service makes Naval Company Inc. the choice for line throwing and line deployment challenges.



Export Information

All exports must go through Naval Company, Inc. and in most cases require an import permit.  The Bridger™ Line Gun is regulated as a firearm and includes blank cartridges (blank ammunition), also a regulated item in most countries.

Bridger™ Supplies available for export.

Bridger™ Kits available for export.

Shipping terms 
For orders of less than 10 kits, DAP (Incoterms 2010) to destination city from Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA.  Blank cartridges (ammunition) are considered “Dangerous Goods,” and must be shipped via AIR.  They are classified in IATA as UN#0014, Cartridges, small arms, blank.  It is best if the entire order goes via AIR, however, larger orders can be split up between AIR and SEA.

Payment terms:
Before goods are shipped out of this country, full payment in US funds is required.  For orders over 10 kits, a down payment of 30-50% is required, depending on size of order.

Price Quote:
If you are interested in receiving a price quote, please follow these instructions:

1. Check the Prohibited and Restricted Countries List

2. Contact your Customs Broker for import laws regarding firearms and ammunition.

3. Provide us with the following:

  • Date required
  • End use (life-saving, power line construction, mining, etc.)
  • Company name
  • Company street address
  • Company telephone number
  • Delivery city and country
  • End user type type (Navy, corporation, individual, government, etc.)

To satisfy our export requirements, an ORIGINAL PURCHASE ORDER (PO) from you along with an ORIGINAL PURCHASE ORDER (PO) from the end-user, in English, must be received for this shipment, both with original signatures by the purchasing agents.  These must be received prior to shipping.  The PO must contain details of END USE and CERTIFICATION that “These products are not being exported to any other country unless disclosed herein.” Understand that these commodities are to be exported from the United States in accordance with U.S. Export Administration Regulations. Diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited.

Thank you for your interest in a Bridger™ Line Throwing Gun Kit.

Mary Meininger, Mgr.

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