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Naval Company Inc. manufacturers high quality, accurate, and practical line throwing gun kits that save time, money, and lives. Equipment reliability and excellent service makes Naval Company Inc. the choice for line throwing and line deployment challenges.



Repairs and Service

Bridger™ Shoulder Line Throwing Gun Kit – Model CG85

For over 60 years, we have stood behind our products. You are protected first and foremost by our production standards and adherence to United States Coast Guard approval specifications. Additionally, we provide a One Year Limited Warranty and continue to make personal and timely service a high priority.

For optimum life, be sure to read and adhere to the Instructions and Safety Precautions sent with every line gun kit. If you no longer have these important documents, it is recommended you contact us for another set immediately.

The Model CG85 Bridger™ Shoulder Line Throwing Gun should be inspected regularly by a knowledgeable gunsmith familiar with this specific type of gun. If any defect in material and/or workmanship is noticed or if you detect anything not right during firing, contact Naval Company, Inc. immediately. The company will provide instructions for shipment of the product; repairs will be made, and the product will be returned to owner within a reasonable amount of time. Cost of shipping, insurance charges, etc. involved in returning the product to the company shall be prepaid by the original purchaser/owner. If for any reason product cannot be repaired, Naval Company Inc. will provide the best possible options in a timely fashion.

Cost of parts and labor shall be provided without charge by the company IF all terms of the one-year limited warranty are met, otherwise, normal parts and labor charges will apply. Any requests for warranty coverage must be made at time of initial contact and need to include an invoice number, and date of purchase. See Warranty for further details.

Line gun shipments must be made according to state, federal, and if applicable, international regulations. For this reason, we suggest you speak with us before returning your line gun to us. Once repairs are made, most shipments within the USA are shipped to you via UPS ground unless otherwise specified.

Repairs, service, and shipping are subject to all Federal Firearms Licensing laws, state firearms laws, homeland security regulations, and other state and federal laws, where applicable.

Important: Federal Regulations prohibit removal of canister from gun.
Do not remove canister – ever!

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